Below are various photos of The Crazoids band members. The first ones are of Jay and at the bottom are a few of Paul. Ah, found some shots of Ken! At the top is a lovely shot of 'the crew' in the kitchen. At the end is a pic of the house. Click on a photo to open a close-up in a new window then click to zoom.

Just like Yoko was known as 'the fifth Beatle', Samantha was very much a part of the whole Crazoids experience. She was a muse, coffee & food support, occasional backing vocals, worked the tape machine, banging drums and pianos while levels were found, in-house music reviewer + critic + photographer. Without her none of it would have happened.

They all lived together and here they are in their fave spot - in the kitchen - Jay, Samantha and Paul.


The 8-track was a big heavy machine that almost had its own gravity field in the room, aside from its creative potential.

When it would go away for repairs it was like a black hole and you would fall into the empty space.

Here is Jay leaning on it with the 'lead and cable wall' behind him for quick, easy and neat access.


At one stage the walls in the control room were covered in yellow and tan coloured material-drops to help reduce sound reflection.

Jay almost lived in this chair writing over forty song demos in 3 years and recording at least half of them.

Unfortunately, the original Ampex 456 master reel-to-reel tapes, 2-track and 8-track, were lost when the emulsion on the tapes perished and most songs have been digitally remastered from various high quality cassettes.

A few songs have vanished altogether, lost forever.

Yes, another handmade sub-mixer in the rack on the left.


Sullen, introspective, struggling Pop star - Jay on the veranda outside the control room.

Probably just received yet another rejection letter from the hundreds that were sent out all over the world.

Strange, because on Donnie Sutherland's 'Sound Unlimited' TV show, Anthony O'Grady (founder of RAM) described him as "the best thing since David Bowie and sliced bread!"

But A&R just didn't get it.


The 80's were a confusing time with Boy George and lots of make-up, earrings and Katie Pye jackets.

In the background is our lovely 2-track mastering machine.


Inspired by Michael Hutchence, Jay always loved a bit of dressing up and 'startled' was always a good pop look.

In the background is one of Paul's handmade speaker boxes with a 12" JBL D123 woofer, a horn and Tandy high frequency ring sitting on top.


Back in the kitchen for tea and lighting incense, you can see the speaker hanging from the wall in the corner to the left of shot.

Nearly every room in the house had a speaker in it - a different speaker, just one of a stereo pair.

In the control room you could switch the playback so you could walk around the house and listen to the mix in different acoustic environments and on different speakers.


Samantha majored in photography in her last year at school and so there was no shortage of promo shots to send off to record companies.

This is a Duran Duran inspired snap with blonde, purple, and rust coloured streaked hair. A bit Bowie - Man Who Fell To Earth.


You can see the streaks a bit clearer in this shot. The hair salon where this was done was the inspiration for the song Music for Hairdressers after a particularly long cut and colour session.

Oh yes. They were great days.


At The Rocks near Sydney Harbour there is an amazing wall with painted scenes on it.

They made a great backdrop for yet more promo shots.

Down at Ball's Head near North Sydney there is a lovely rock formation that made a great, natural setting.

Samantha was a freelance rock journalist for RAM (Rock Australia Magazine) and she creatively wall-papered her office with front pages from the magazines.

For a budding pop star it was a perfect background for a pic.


Trying for some different looks Jay donned his synthetic plastic shirt and official RAM jacket.

And where better to shoot it than on the roof!?

Going for a bit of a Cold Chisel / The Jam look.


Lastly, a bit more refined with scarf with a bit of a wintry Sting-thing going on.

Ah, so many promotional incarnations.

Paul Dengate - Customised Electric Ibanez  

Paul in his element - on stage at And Now For Something Completely Different restaurant in Chatswood. He was/is an amazing performer, guitarist, engineer, producer and Bass player, with a voice and song writing talent to rival Bowie's. A genius engineer and producer.

He was instrumental (excuse the pun) in the setting up of the studio and his musical influence is intertwined all through The Crazoids songs.


Again, at the restaurant, in his amazing solo gigs. You can hear a whole selection of his songs recorded at the Restaurant with more information about him.

His intricate electronic pedals, echo unit and special centrally mounted guitar strap (that allowed him to spin the guitar in the middle of a song) all made his performances unique and entertaining.

His guitar work and skill with electronic processing added a special colour to The Crazoids that only Paul could create.

You will hear, over and over in The Crazoids songs, his enthralling lead breaks on the tracks as well as his lovely chunking guitar adding a real rock feel plus the odd Bass line.

Paul looking adorable as usual.

Rehearsing at Crows Nest. It looks basically the same as in our padded room with egg cartons at Willoughby.

Using egg cartons was a tried and tested sound insulation of Paul's.


Jay and Samantha chain-smoked Indonesian clove cigarettes thanks to Paul.

At one stage there were so many empty packets in the house that they built a Bentoel castle in the corner of the Lounge room.

Paul allowed this shot to be included on the condition that it was made clear that smoking is really bad for you and has affected his health negatively in later life.


Ken Handley - Fretless Blonde Fender Bass  
Ken Handley and Paul Dengate rehearsing at Kirribilli 1979.
Ken Handley at Kirribilli 1979.
Ken Handley on tour with Paul's band.

The House  

For those officianados who want to see the house where it all happened in Willoughby, here you are.

Note the glassed-in veranda that surrounds the corner? The studio was in the original lounge room - just in behind the veranda there, where the chimney is (yes, the 'control room' had a fireplace!).

The veranda provided one more layer of sound proofing for the neighbours.

Some years later the big tree in front grew up which also blocked noise going in and out from the front.

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