The Crazoids recording studio, where all the songs on Real World were recorded (and all but the last two Japetus albums), was built by Paul Dengate and Jay in 1980 after the advent of the TEAC Tascam 80-8 home recording analogue 8-track 1/2" reel-to-reel semi-professional recording machines.

This was pre-digital and it was a huge breakthrough for independent recording artists. It basically brought high quality recording capabilities into your home. Paul and Jay set-up the deck in their lounge room that became the Control Room and made the small bedroom next door down the hall, the sound proof recording space.

Note the turntable (LP record player) Dyna-bolted to the wall so there was no vibrations through the floor and also the Auratone close-field audio monitors on their little home-made stands with painted paver brick bases.

Unfortunately, there are no actual photos of the amazing, cosy recording space. It was about a 4 metres square room first lined with cardboard egg cartons (stuck to the walls), then hanging carpets mounted from tracks on the walls and false ceiling cross-rafters with drooping carpet curls, leaving air gaps to trap the sound, and about 6 layers of carpet and underfelt on the reinforced floor. In the window alcoves they made custom-fit, folded under felt blocks that jammed into the deep window frame plus mounted on the outside of the door - was a single bed mattress. All that was collected from road side clean-ups!

These are the only two photos involving the actual padded, soundproof recording space.

The first one is the hallway between the control room and studio (image frame lifted from the Wonder World video). Control room door (far right) and single bed mattress (centre) Dyna-bolted to the door with a door knob that was specially extended so it sticks out through the mattress.
The second photo is inside the padded room - you can see the carpet hanging in far left of shot. That was just the front layer of carpet with another couple of carpet layers and underfelt with a small air space between the hanging carpets and the walls covered with egg cartons.
A lot of the equipment in the control room was hand made by Paul (and Jay helping) from kits and circuit diagrams including the sub-mixer, patch-bay, spring reverb and the two JBL D123 12" studio monitor speaker boxes. The main 8-channel Tapco mixer was nicknamed Jet Jackson and its 'off-sider' - the sub-mixer - was appropriately christened Ichabod Mudd.

Paul also built the 'spring reverb' unit from a kit, housed in a chipboard box that sat in the corner of the room. All the cables, plugs and the patch-bay were made-up by hand by them.

This is a great shot of Jay showing the whole recording 'pod' surrounded by the lovely analogue gear and new digital keyboards added in 1981 when digital technology broke through.

Note - the keyboards are on very fancy ironing boards, yes, also picked up from local roadside clean-ups!

In the lower edge of the image is Ichabod Mudd sub-mixer and then the Tapco in the foreground.

There are more studio shots on the Photographs page and remember, all photos on this site open in a close-up view if you click on them.


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