Just discovered in 2013 -
Photoscan song clip done with slide-tape dissolve projectors
transferred to 3/4" video 30 years ago - circa 1982

Also the first demo of Pop Song with a slide-tape demo clip.

This is circa 1984-85. It shows some great stuff... like... as Edith walks down the hallway at the start you can see the padded door to her left made from a mattress Dyna-bolted to the outside of door. And in the control room you get close-up working shots of the two mixers and the deck. I vowed when I started out pursuing a professional pop career that I would never ever lip sync for a clip... and there I am... first TV performance... lip syncing for TV! Notice the beautiful old Sennheiser 421 microphone, my lovely DMX drum machine, the SH-101 and Samantha's Buddha.


This is one song from a live rehearsal session of Paul, Ken and Jay at 'And Now For Something Completely Different' vegetarian restaurant in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia circa 1978. It IS ostesibly The Crazoids... doing Paul's songs.

'Patio Suicide' (pron Pashio) was one of Paul's big numbers (9 minutes) and very popular with the restaurant clientele because of the soaring guitar and amazing effects pedals. The song also featured Paul's unique guitar work in the middle where he moves further up the guitar neck and lightly beats the strings with his thumb pick.

The audio comes from a very rough rare recording done with one microphone on Ken's cassette player and was created as a demo for Dave - Paul's new Drummer at that time. Dave was delayed coming up from Melbourne and Jay filled in, performing on 6 consecutive Saturday nights at the restaurant, because he was already familiar with the songs.

This rehearsal session was sent to Dave so he could familiarise himself with the songs, and Jay's drums were deliberately muffled so Dave could practice to it. The original cassette was digitised and then processed to maximise the quality.

The crashing sound in the middle is Paul lifting his 'spring reverb unit' with his toes and then dropping it a few inches to the floor which basically explodes the heck out of the springs. Paul also had a special guitar strap with one anchor point that allowed him to spin the guitar 360º in a circle... while playing!

The video was created using a very limited number of photos available from that era and is primarily designed to give the listener something relevant to watch while enjoying the song. It was aimed at capturing some of the magic of those heady 'restaurant' years and to allow those who were there to briefly revisit in their minds and hearts. The video is to celebrate and honour both Paul and the restaurant, of which he was so much a feature.

Paul Dengate - Electric guitar and effects
Ken Handley - Blonde fretless bass
Japetus (Jay) - Maxwin drum kit

Images include photos by Sally Collins, Samantha Trenoweth, Vivienne Kish and probably Vicki Larnach plus the iconic beachscape cane blind painted by Phil Clarke.

More on the restaurant can be found at http://www.andnowforsomethingcompletelydifferent.com/
More of Paul's work can be found at http://www.reverbnation.com/pauldengate
More of Jay's work can be found at http://www.crazoids.com and http://www.japetus.com
Unfortunately, Ken's whereabouts is still unknown at this stage.
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Video conceived and created by Japetus 2013. Music copyright © Paul Dengate.










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